Fourth Round History

On the 18th-20th of March, 2022 the world of academia in the field of education came together for the 4th edition of World Conference on Research in Teaching and Education (WORLDTE).

Virtual Session

Highlighted Speakers

Name Article title Affiliation
Dr. Pál Iván Szontagh Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary Student teachers’ motivations for the profession and career advancements in the Carpathian Basin
Dr.Kat Lord-Watson Queen Margaret University,UK The Impact of Parental Complaints on Teacher Mental Health and Wellbeing
Dr.Pauline Logue Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology,Ireland A Critical Evaluation of Rogerian Theoretical Perspectives on Student-centred Learning as Applied in Professional Practice
Prof Dr.Ana Mercedes Vernia-Carrasco Jaume I University,Spain The benefits of artistic projects as a social and educational impact
Dr.Wing Tung Cheng The Education University of Hong Kong Psychosocial Well-being among Undergraduate Students in Hong Kong and Kazakhstan
Prof Dr.Ana Martínez Hernández CES Don Bosco, Centro Universitario La Salle,Spain Soundtrap: creating music together during Covid-19 isolation. An experience with university teacher education students.
Dr.Balamuralithara Balakrishnan Sultan Idris Education University,Malaysia Design Ethics Education in Creative Industries Programmes in Malaysia
Dr.Felicia Mormah University of Delta, Agbor, Delta State, Nigeria Maneuvering Emergency Pandemic Learning in Nigeria: A Case Study of Delta State University, Agbor Education Students
Dr.Ulla Damber Mid Sweden University,Sweden Long-term effects of one-to-three-years school development projects? School improvement capacity in 16 preschools
Dr.Chun Kit Lok The University of Hong Kong (HKU Business School) Enhancing Student Group Projects’ Experience Through Learning Analytics with Moodle OU Wiki
Dr.Thi Phuong Lan Nguyen The University of Newcastle,Australia The English Language Teacher Education in Vietnam: challenges for all stakeholders
Dr.Abraham Pius York St John University – London Campus, UK Exploring the Perception of Academics and Students in the Development of Managerial Level Competencies in a Multiple Case of the MBA Healthcare Management Providers
Prof Dr.M Angeles Escobar Alvarez UNED, Spain Teaching Discourse Connectors in Tourism Studies
Connectors in L2 English Writing: A Case Study
Dr.Inbar Levkovich Oranim Academic College of Education,Isreal Arab teachers’ wellbeing during COVID-19 pandemic in Israel
Dr.Oana Danila Alexandru Ioan Cuza University,Romania Help us make the world a better place! Fostering civic engagement and well-being through open classroom climates
Dr.ANA B. Cejudo University of Granada, Spain Student´s needs during COVID-19 pandemic at the University of Granada
Dr.Ambera Duka Faculty of Education “Aleksander Moisiu” University, Durres, Albania. Challenges of teachers in inclusive classes, preschool and primary education in Albania
Dr.Maria Dalamitrou 1st Evening Highschool Patras,Greece Erasmus+ program as a tool to reinforce democracy at schools
Dr. Viorelia Lungu Technical University of Moldova Design of prospective skills in the university curriculum from the Republic of Moldova
Dr.Aleksandra Jastrzebska Lodz University of Technology,Poland Green competences for teachers and students – Addressing Climate Change trough Design Thinking for a Green, No Waste Economy
Dr.Fouzia Munir Nelson Mandela University,South Africa Revitalisation of the Humanities in Higher Education: Premise and Promise
Prof Dr.Hanna Kim Northeastern IL University, USA Promoting Future Teachers’ Computational Thinking Using Earthquake Simulator Robotics
Prof Dr.Yi Hao Northeastern Illinois University, USA Enhancing College Students’ Information Literacy Skills through Assignment Redesign And Revision
Ms.Tímea Takács Semmelweis University,Hungary Enhancing Professional Communication Skills in Teaching English for Specific Purposes
Mr.David Rosenstein Ben-Gurion University,Israel Why Are Some Languages, Like Chinese, Harder To Teach And Learn Than Others, And What Are The Implications For Effective Language Teaching?
Mr.Kahlan Roach University of the Southern Caribbean,Barbados Impact of Covid-19 on Perceptions of Asynchronous Learning in Higher Education: Students’ Perspective
Ms.Heather Woodward Rikkyo University,Japan A Pedagogical Approach to Building 21st Century Skills
Mr.Mormah Ifeanyi Gift Edo University, Uzariua, Edo State, Nigeria Perceived Factors Influencing Student Nurses’ Preparedness for Qualifyiing Examination for General Nurses in State School of Nursing, Agbor, Delta State
Mr.Adam Miller Aichi Shukutoku University,Japan Adapting to Change: How Curriculum Change due to the COVID-19 Pandemic was handled at 2 Higher Education Institutes in Japan
Mr.Fredy Hernan Prieto Galindo University of Alberta,Canada Critical Thinking in Colombian High School Philosophy through Paul Ricoeur’s Phronesis
Ms.Sandra Kroeker Brock University,Canada Teaching for the Whole Self
Mrs.Anantdeep kaur budha dal public shool samana, Patiala, India Assessing Student Learning
Mr.Hrishikesh Inguva Venkata Sai Lakshmi Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto,Canada Doctors Without Clarity : The State of Indian Students at the Medical Universities in Former USSR Bloc Countries.
Mr.Adrian Estrela Pereira Eötvös Loránd University,Hungary Power Relations in Music Higher Education Curricula: a Postcolonial Investigation
Mr.Joseph Kwadwo Baubeng University Of Kwazulu Natal,South Africa Innovations in Teacher Education: A South African Context
Mr.Andrew Warrick Rikkyo University,Japan Strategies for Reducing Cognitive Overload in the Online Language Learning Classroom
Ms.Nicole Kasbary Eötvös Loránd University,Hungary Learning through Projects in the Classroom: Project-based Learning Guide
MSC.Mimoza Kamberi University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”,Kosovo The relation between types of extrinsic motivation, learning strategies and academic achievement among educational students
Ms.Ngan Duong Thi Ngoc Doctoral School of Education, University of Szeged,Vietnam Personal Epistemology and Conceptions about Teaching and Learning: A New Look from the Transitory Perspective
Ms.Lena-Elene Jajanidze Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University,Georgia Practices of Submersion Education and Readiness of Teachers to Teach in a Culturally Diverse Classroom on the case of Georgia
Mr.Frederick Johnson Trier University,Germany Dispositions of Technological Knowledge in Teacher Candidates – An Analysis of Predictors
Mrs.Soyol Lundegjantsan National University of Mongolia A quantitative Research on Financial Management and Curriculum Development of Mongolian Primary and Secondary Schools