First Round History

On the 12th-14th of December, 2019 the world of academia in the field of education came together for the World Conference on Research in Teaching and Education (WORLDTE). Organized in the magnificent city of Barcelona, Spain, the event was attended by scientists, researchers, educators, and students from such countries as Hungary, Algeria, Japan, Turkey, Bulgaria, Singapore, India, Russia, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, and others.

We believe that the international nature of the audience is one of the key reasons the event received such positive feedback. Diversity in backgrounds facilitates thought-provoking discussions. It allows for unique perspectives and creative solutions.

Some of the topics covered by the program include overcoming communication breakdowns through the use of communication strategies, education in domestic tourism, analysis of children’s primary school readiness according to some variables, multi-sensory technology in teaching English to young learners, and numerous others.

We believe that impactful conference experience is a well-rounded one. That’s why we organized a free guided tour of Barcelona and invited every attendee to join. You can explore this city for weeks and still find something new and unexpected. Our attendees left the event with truly unforgettable memories.

We hope to see you this year for the 2022 edition of WORLDTE!