Highlighted Speakers

WORLDTE Highlighted Speakers

Prof Dr. Ana M. Vernia Carrasco

Prof Dr. Ana M. Vernia Carrasco has PhD. from the University of Barcelona, Postgraduate Diploma in International Cultural Relations and the Organization of Ibero-American States, International Master in Communication and Education, Master in New Communication and Information Technologies applied to Music Education. She is President of SEM-EE (Society for Musical Education of the Spanish State) & Editor in Chief ARTSEDUCA Journal.

Dr. SZONTAGH, Pál Iván PhD.

Dr. SZONTAGH, Pál Iván PhD. Teacher (ELTE TFK, 1997), historian (PTE BTK, 2001), educational leader (BME GTK, 2002), PhD in law (KRE ÁJK, 2018). Director of the Reformed Pedagogical Institute and associate professor at the Faculty of Pedagogy of the Károli University (KRE PK). Editor-in-chief of the pedagogical journal Hungarian Reformed Education. His field of research is the professional ethics and motivation of teachers.

Ms. Tímea Takács

Ms. Tímea Takács is an Assistant Lecturer of the Department of Languages for Specific Purposes, Semmelweis University.

Her Education is Master of Arts in English and in Hungarian Language and Literature with teaching qualification and Hungarian as a foreign language specialisation. Also, she is a PhD student.

Her Scholarships are Comenius Teacher Assistant; Estophilus Scholarship. Her areas of Interest are ESP, Finno-Ugric languages and cultures

Mr. David

Mr. David was a professional teacher of English and Chinese, as well as French and Russian, for more than 40 years, including in the US, Tunisia, Taiwan, China, and Israel. He has published 4 books on EFL, including Yingyu Yufa (People’s Education Press, Beijing, 2006).

His formal educations are BA (Phi Beta Kappa) Brooklyn College, MA (University of Chicago, Ph.D Program) & MS (Boston University).